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Is Coffee Bad For Teens? Effects Of Caffeine Over-Consumption


In current decades, coffee has turn out to be a famous drink among teens. While a few young adults appreciate espresso for its flavor, others consume it to live alert and focused. Recent research highlights the long-term appropriateness and antioxidant advantages of coffee. But what approximately caffeine?

Caffeine is a psychoactive compound that arouses the relevant worried gadget (CNS) and offers alertness. However, its excessive consumption will have harmful effects, particularly in kids whose our bodies are still growing.

Read directly to learn all approximately coffee, its secure use in young adults, and ways to effortlessly limit its consumption.

Is coffee bad for teens?

Coffee is usually no longer dangerous when fed on in moderation. Coffee beans are a herbal supply of caffeine, the results of which on teens are not but fully understood. The United Positions Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) acknowledges caffeine as a "secure" substance (1). Still, its immoderate consumption may want to motive undesirable consequences, particularly in youth who are sensitive to uniform a small dose of caffeine (2).

Teens can eat caffeine from numerous resources, which include tea, electricity liquids, sodas, and sweets. Therefore, it's far vital to reveal a teenager's total caffeine consumption from all sources.

How Much Caffeine Can a Teen Have?

Experts suggest that teens and young adults a long time 12 to 18 restriction their caffeine consumption to 100 mg per day, or approximately one cup (eight oz.) Of coffee (2) or  cups of tea. While sodas contain caffeine (33 mg / eight oz.), power beverages incorporate caffeine (100 to a hundred and fifty mg / eight oz).

It's ideal to preserve your intake properly under the restrict, as some teens can be more searching to caffeine than others, and even small amounts can produce undesirable outcomes (three).

What are the facet outcomes of eating too much coffee?

Excessive espresso intake above the secure limit can divulge young adults to high tiers of caffeine, which could motive the following side results (4) (5).

Anxiety and anxiousness: According to the American Psychological Association (APA), excessive caffeine intake impacts interest span, temper, and behavior (6). Sensitive teenagers also can revel in irritability, anxiousness, and anxiety (7).

Persistent insomnia: Although caffeine affords an alert country, excessive consumption can adjust the results of hormones, including serotonin and melatonin, that modify sleep (7). Drinking coffee or different caffeinated beverages at bedtime can save you a teenager from falling asleep.

In truth, caffeine can induce a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation at night and elevated caffeine consumption in the course of the day to offset feelings of tiredness and drowsiness.


Loss of appetite: Caffeine stimulates the sympathetic fearful system (SNS), which plays a position in suppressing starvation and improving satiety (7). Excessive each day caffeine consumption can suppress a teen's appetite.

Cavities - Coffee is slightly acidic and can cause cavities due to prolonged publicity.

This hazard is in addition improved if the espresso carries added sugar that could exacerbate bacterial increase within the mouth (8).

Bone loss: Excess caffeine intake can boom urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium. This can increase the chance of bone loss, especially if the adolescent's diet does not include sufficient ingredients rich in calcium and vitamin D (9) (10).

Caffeine addiction - Many young adults often consume espresso to live alert and targeted. Lisa C. Andrews, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Sound Bites Nutrition, says, “Because caffeine is a drug, teens can become hooked on it and enjoy withdrawal signs and symptoms which include headaches and nausea in the event that they skip their espresso or coffee. Ordinary energy drink. If coffee consumption is stopped or the adolescent is unable to drink caffeine, it is able to purpose withdrawal symptoms, inclusive of fatigue, drowsiness, and headaches (11) (12).

Hypertension and arrhythmia: can arise if intake is better (400 mg / day in kids and one hundred mg / day in young children).

Excess caffeine intake also can reason heartburn, frequent urination, dizziness, and extended blood pressure.

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