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5 Effective Punishment Strategies And Consequences For Teenagers

 Your youngster broke a fundamental rule and what he did ought to have ended disastrously for him and others.

You know that they've to stand the results of terrible behavior. They ought to understand how incorrect they have been and why they ought to in no way repeat that mistake. This is wherein the question of sanction arises.

Many parents allow their anger and frustration take over and impose punishments that hurt their young adults. It should backfire on you. Your teen may additionally turn out to be extra rebellious and your courting can also deteriorate.

Read on as we let you know approximately the ideal results or punishments for a youngster's misbehavior and the dos and don'ts at the same time as handing out punishments to subject your teenager.

Are Punishments Good For Teens?

You ought to apply age-appropriate punishments when your teenager misbehaves to make certain he doesn't repeat it. Punishment works in some cases, however fails in others. If his parenting fashion relies closely on harsh punishment, this will discourage the kid from learning self-control. Also, a very harsh punishment strategy ought to motive a teenager to rise up and make him lie or cover things from you.

Punishments are important and paintings while designed within the proper way and with the proper technique.

 When your goal is to discipline your teenager and make sure that he is skilled to make better decisions or cope with comparable conditions greater efficaciously, the punishment you layout will serve its motive. It is as much as you to think about the effects to be able to advantage your adolescent and guide him to expose top conduct.

A correct region to begin is to get your adolescent actively involved in setting robust but harmonious residence policies and implementing suitable penalties for breaking them. Involving the adolescent offers him manage of the scenario and encourages compliance.

How to design suitable results for children?

When considering the effects of misbehavior, keep the subsequent factors in mind:

Consequence as decision of the act: Remember that your aim is to correct the adolescent, help him rectify her conduct and recognize the problems that she has induced. The excellent manner to do that is to ensure that the consequence or punishment is aimed toward fixing the problem. For example, a teenager who breaks a neighbor's window need to in my view apologize to the neighbor and restore her window with cash from her pocket. While this isn't always always possible, your purpose need to be to synchronize the outcome with the problem.

Consequence Proportionate to Misconduct - Make sure the intensity of the result is commensurate with the problem or misconduct. For instance,

 the adolescent forgets to take out the garbage. Don't overreact and don't floor them for a week. Instead, let them take out the trash on the weekends.

However, if the adolescent uses violence in an argument together with her classmates, don't take it lightly and let it skip with minor effects. It calls for a far more potent and extra intense reaction and outcomes commensurate with the severity of the misbehavior.



Consequence at the limits of self-respect: Never belittle the adolescent and never attack his self-confidence by way of inflicting punishment. A humiliating result teaches the youngster nothing and handiest makes him rebellious.

Effective Punishment Strategies for Teens

As a determine,  what punishments paintings quality to your teenager because he knows his likes, dislikes, and possibilities. Either way, here are some commonplace and powerful punishment techniques utilized by parents of teens.


No get entry to to electronics: If the adolescent ignores lecturers and stays glued to their cellular smartphone for hours or provides a completely crude image to visitors throughout dinner continuously checking their networks for social updates, the precise punishment method is to do allow them to give up. Your telephone privileges for one week.


It works properly with all digital gadgets, in particular in case your teenager's preferred device is her telephone or pc. Punishment for `` not the usage of electronic devices '' works properly when the adolescent ignores you and your assigned tasks and chooses to remain immersed

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